Malaysia – Truly Asia

This is my first guest article, I have mentioned earlier, that I have wrote.

Source: Malaysia – Truly Asia


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  1. You doing marketing to Malaysia to increase number of tourists to visit itπŸ˜‚, anyway it is absolute amazing photos, nature is colors of my life, thanks for sharing, i enjoyed while watching your taken photos, it is so amazing

      1. Hhhh, actually what you do is so great, keep it up, so pure photos, that’s why your wordpress called color of my life, because you like nature’s colors, with regards to your visit to Jordan, is a good plan really, but the weather is little bit hot, but not like saudi arabia apparently. πŸ™‚, however, you Jordan is near Saudi Arabia, just try to come, you will not lose anything, and you are so welcome, Maalem!πŸ™‚

        1. Thank you for the compliments, I started this blog to share different colors of my life, with the intention that others might have the same, so that I can able to understand myself.

          Love to see Petra, and some of the historical Islamic places. Tell me how long should be the stay? I am planning to come on 28th and stay for 9 days max. Since I will be travelling by road.

          But it’s subject to approval of my vacations, since I need to travel back to all the way to Jeddah.

          1. You are most welcome, colors of my life! Great news to hear from your end, Jordan has a lot of ancient Islamic places, it actually depends on how many places you want to visit in the future, therefore, I can not forecast how many days you might really consume while visiting the concerned places, but you if you tell me how many places you want to visit, I can be more specific in giving you the right duration that you may need to spend it here while staying in Jordan, I believe that you don’t know the name of all places in our country, but you might have an option to google it and locate the places that you wish to visit it, so that I can help you to be in the right track and done it successfully. Please check it out on google which places you like mostly and let me know about it , so that I will calculate the duration as per the distance from one location to another how many days you may need it here for visiting it all. Finally I could tell you , that if you need to stay two days in each place, you may visit around 6 place places, as I believe that you have to take a rest in between while visiting other places, hope I helped with my feedback, colors of my life!

            1. JazakAllah for your detailed reply.

              I actually don’t know how many places exist. I know only 2 to 3. Ashab e Kahef mountain and The tree which is Sahaba.

              Other than that I doubt I know any other. Might be and should be more, but don’t know.

              You have any website to recommend?

              1. Wa eyyakum inshallah, brother! If you want to visit 5 places 9 days is enough, kahef mountain, petra, Roman theatre, Jerash, and karak castle and other place ancient places, I will provide with link after I do a deep search , so that I find the right browser that it covers all of ancient location either Islamic or touristic one, as a consequence, I pass it to you, sorry being to reply for your comment , I got busy on other homeworks, colors of my life! πŸ™‚

                  1. Yeah, much better, you may find something more interesting while searching for places, advance search and arrangements it will help you sure. As for me, I visited around 10 places, what I like mostly Petar, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Roman theatre, and Qaser Amra! πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  2. Wow great photography skills! Those pictures are amazing shots! I’d love to be there to have experienced all of that beauty, I know I would have easily been inspired just by the scenery itself

    1. Malaysia did surprised us, and we said to ourselves, why we haven’t came here before.

      The best part what I liked in Malaysia, everything is accessible, way cheap and it offer every person everything at one doorstep.

      So no one can complain about it.

      That’s what I like about it.

    2. About the scenery don’t ask, we covered almost half of it during our 14 days trip. Loads of travelling, and one end to another. So the scenery is breathtaking.

      The next series of the pictures will be amazing. I wish I would have brought the tripod, so many beautiful shots were scrapped because it got blurred.

      Specially the Redang trip

        1. Wow, never heard such a place exist. Do share the pictures of it.

          The Scottish side is so beautiful. We are planning to come to UK in August I guess we might be able to make it.

          So if possible will try to touch it.

          1. Well, do NOT miss Scotland. It is a place of great beauty. I have pictures of some of it on my a native of Scotland tab on my blog and also in my search engine under Glencoe

              1. Yes it was. A small part was shot in Glencoe near to where we go. But that was because Bond’s father in the books is from Glencoe. I did a blog recently Dundee and the James Bond connection. Ian Fleming’s family had roots in my home Scottish city.

                1. O wow that’s awesome. Scottish Highlands have full of stories very rich background as well in terms of literature as well.

                  So glad to read your replies. Know a thing or two about Scottish.

                    1. Awesome, my sister in law is in Leicester, so know the situation plus someone I call my sister, she is in Glasgow. So read her FB status about it.

                      I don’t know how you guys survive such weather, it’s only reason I don’t come to colder countries. Since I can’t bear cold.

                    2. I have really bad Raynaud’s, the kind where you don’t actually feel the cold so that’s why I never really notice. But yeah, it can be miserable sure enough. We live on the opposite coast from Glasgow and that tends to be a less sheltered coast.

                    3. Wow, you are like polar bear, that needs cold lol

                      If their is a little bit sunshine, they rub the surface to make them cold.

                      So you can put now polar bear with hamster πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Ž

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