Objectives of the day – May 08, 2017

I am humbled with the response for my 1st guest author post. It has just been reblog or shared by one top blogger having follower base of 114,000+ 

So couldn’t have asked for a better day to start. I like to share one small personal thing, to those who have fear, doubts, lack of self confidence and specially have doubts on their own abilities. 

I was very poor in terms of talking and writing in English language, although I studied in an English medium school, being a Pakistani, where the official language is Urdu the standard of English is not rich except in handful of schools. 

I remember in class 11 when we were told, to improve our communication skills, and everyone has to speak in English language only. When my turn comes up and I started speaking, I was so nervous that instead of He, I said She. And everyone laugh so loudly that I still remember that time. It was a major embarrassing moment. 

My grammer is not that great, and I often makes mistakes. But I kept going and going. Writing was in my blood I presume. 

So my today’s objective of life is: 

– No matter what the odds are just kept going against the winds. Not to stop.

– Don’t let the sinking of the ship stops you either, you never knew, with sinking ship you can reach the destination, or take a piece of ship and float with it and reach your destination. 

– No matter how long it takes to reach, the important thing is to reach your destination.

– Looks at yourself and ask yourself, Why you are born, What you have that others don’t have it, What you can do with those skills / God Gifted Natural Talent, How you can benefit others with it, What you can do to enhance those skills.

– I am an accountant, photographer, writer, painter, Woodworker, Road traveller, Financial Consultant, Fund Manager, Counseller, Business Developer, Auditor and etc etc. I never stop learning, so what makes you stop! 

This post is quite emotional for me. It’s a tribute to my teachers. Who paid attention to me. Else I would never had this confidence, passion, determination and skills. 

Love you all, and I want to say a special thank to Mohammad Kabri, who believe in me, and ask to write for his site. Please spare a small time, and visit his site. It’s one of few blogs, that I go and find something useful to enhance a different topic to learn. I hope you love his end.


27 Replies to “Objectives of the day – May 08, 2017”

        1. If you decide to take an off would you not chill yourself. But if you want to finished something you will finish it no matter what. So it’s the mind which takes the matter in its hand.

    1. Their is something wrong. The reblog link is working, however if I click your pictures and go to your blog it’s empty.

      Check something is out at your end. It’s not directly correctly at your end.

      1. Sorry about the late reply, the blog with the picture doesn’t have anything on it yet, I’m not sure what to do with it. My main blog is perfectlyfadeddelusions, sorry for the confusion and the late reply.

          1. All my blogs are connected to the PD unfortunately, I know it is a but misleading, and I’m sorry about. I should do something about it, but at the moment I am using a crappy computer computer that that hates wordpress most days.
            But as soon as I can, I will work on changing it. Sorry for the confusion.

            1. It’s alright, I think slight adjustment is needed in the settings. And you might be able to link two together.

              The gurus in WP or on Google might be able to help without any fees. Many wonderful groups online exist.

              Just share your issues, they will be ready to help you.

              Plus if you like, tell over here your exact issues, someone from my side might be able to help.

    1. I have set 6 principles for my work ethics:

      Professional Skills

      I live by my these principles, and it has paid loads of dividend to me. So your comment is something very close to my heart.

      Thank you for following me, and I am doing homeschooling for my little daughter, so your blog, I am sure, will help me loads in this regard.

          1. That is how I have always felt about the children in my classroom! I had a six year old (barely six!) tell me last year…”The student computer on the right is acting wrong! Don’t worry, Mrs. Davis…I will handle the issue!”…and he did!

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