Malaysia - Cameroon Trip - Lavender garden
Cameroon – Lavender Garden
Birds Park – Kuala Lumpur
Langkawi – Mangroves
Malaysia - Cameroon Trip - Lavender garden_1
Cameroon – Tea Plantation
Malaysia - Kuala Terranganu
Kuala Terranganu

25 Replies to “Malaysia”

        1. Yes it’s a very interesting habit, unfortunately, we don’t have much landscape at our end.

          All the areas of interest, are captured. So now whenever I travel, I try to taken some.

    1. I just Google what is Borneo lol

      Its in Sabaa region, When I was planning the trip, what we actually loved majority of the places were in that location, but it requires hiking and camping.

      The reason we drop the plan, was 1st it was our daughter was with us, so it will be difficult.
      2nd I was reading newspaper of Malaysia, at that time. It’s smugglers paradise as well, because it touch Thailand, Philippines and other regions. So a lot of illegal trade happened in this area. So the Govt was doing an operation at that time.

      So avoided it, but it’s a beautiful place, the whole of the Sabaa region.

    1. This poor little guy, is one hell of a bird, she / he was quite aggressive. He/she tried to snap me after I took the picture. I nearly escaped. Than as we were walking to the rest of the park.

      Some Arabic guy from Egypt or Lebanon, tried to take a picture of him. He put his camera bag on the ground, he immediately jumped on the ground, and started to take the bag and run away.

      This guy, me and my wife, we all tried so hard. So that he didn’t get the camera bag. Ultimately, we succeeded and finally he left us alone πŸ˜€

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