What I learn today – May 07, 2017

It’s a serious lesson for me today, if you have commitment and determination, with consistency, you can do anything. What’s our excuse?

I was watching a video of a 4 year old Russian girl, she knows 7 languages competely and perfectly, she was reading, talking and singing perfectly.  

The languages are as follows, inclusive of her mother tongue: 

– Russian

– French

– Spanish

– Germany 

– Chinese

– Dutch

– Arabic

– English

So what you learn today?


6 Replies to “What I learn today – May 07, 2017”

  1. Wow what a brilliant little girl! Today I only learned that you can link your twitter account to WordPress. I’ve seen people have twitter icon on their websites but never tried it out or looked into it. Hopefully I’ll learn something else today lol

    1. Yes she was, her parents said, we started with 2 languages, than saw her interest so we slowly increase to other languages. She is a doll. Google it you might able to find it.

      That’s good to know, about Twitter, perhaps you should share the secret in a post, for public at large.

      1. That’s really amazing! I can only speak fluent English lol. And I actually learned it from another blogger who put it in her post, I don’t remember her showing how though.

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