Objective of the day – May 07, 2017

Its been a busy weekend at my end, Thursday went before 7am came home at 9pm. Decided we need to go following morning to Madina which is 900km back and forth. So till 12am in the morning was helping wife, doing packing and other things. 

Left and came back same day, it’s was a good decision to refresh our mind and soul, except the tiring part. 

Saturday morning I woke up at predawn, I am early riser always, but my body wanted a break, however, I realise that someone gave me a great honor to be his guest author. So I have committed to post on Monday, but I have a busy day today, so have to finish it on Saturday. 

So I started it at 8:30am didn’t had a clue what I have to write. So just started writing than deletion kept on going till my family is up. By this time I got 25 revision to the post, couldn’t able to make my mind. But glad by 1pm roughly finished it, except the pictures part. Had a 2nd review done by wife, which I am glad she did, and able to remove loads of error as usual πŸ˜€

Than we have to meet one of my colleague, who is joining UN new program on Climate control, which is a very big deal. So glad to meet up and say our final goodbye to him.

Than came back home, give the car for cleanup and did some other house chores. Finally able to edit the pictures and than luckily, I checked in the middle my email, the person who requested to write, apologized, if I can submit tomorrow. Alhamdolillah (Praise to Allah /God) that I was almost finishing the post. So send him the draft to review. I guess he read it πŸ˜€ 

It was 8:30pm by this time, all the baba black, white, brown, rainbow sheeps and flocks of them, are at my end, dancing and running around. So went to bed, but my daughter wants to play, so spare a little time, and than by 10pm I was flying on cloud 689104291 πŸ˜€ 

In the morning, published my first guest author blog, Alhamdolillah YEAH!!!!! and than had my normal routine in office started. But now, thought to give a break, and write my rants πŸ˜€ 

So my objectives of the day are as follow:

  • Morning:
  1. Complete all the validation of Treasury transactions.
  2. Complete and send the memo for Interfund settlement.
  3. Publish the blog as guest author.
  4. Sit and finish the queries of auditor if he comes in.
  • Evening: 
  1. Finish the kitchen project of shopping bag.
  2. Finish the DIY project and take pictures and if possible make a blog.
  3. Go to walk.

How is your weekend progressing? Let me know, would love to hear about it. 

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