What I learn today – May 05, 2017

I am so happy that we took the trip of 900+km yesterday. We left at 6:30 am and came back at around 10pm, it was such a relief. It was tiring at the end of the day, but was totally relaxing.

Since yesterday, I have learned so many valuable things, so today it will be 3 Lessons from my side. The 1st Lesson is the summary of Friday sermon in Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him masjid in Madina. The 2nd and 3rd lesson is after my discussion, with my one of my colleague, who I went to say goodbye. He was sharing his experiences of life, from an international development project officer:

Lesson #1

 We are living a life of remissness (Ghaflat), this remissness has put lethargic attitude in us, whenever we try to fulfill our responsibilities towards God / Allah.

It’s because of this remissness that we are leaving a lot of obligations as a Muslim / human-being. Death is eminent, but due to it, we forgot that one day we will be answerable for our actions in front of our Lord.

When the day of judgement comes in, death will be brought in front of the people in Heaven and Hell as a sheep, and will be asked do you know what it is. They will say, it’s death. Upon which it will be slaughtered, and be said, no the death is finished and life will remain forever, whoever stayed in Heaven, will remain forever, and whoever will be in Hell, will remain forever.

So remember death, and think that before it comes, we have an obligation towards our Lord and mankind, that obligation is to do what is obligatory and leave what Allah forbid which is Interest, Adultery and many other evils.

Lesson #2:

In some part of Africa, it’s still a culture, to find a baby which is flawless and is perfect in psyche and physical appearance, kill him / her and put his / her blood in the foundation of any construction work, as a ritual for the success of it.

Lesson # 3:

There is a part of Pakistan, which is called “Kala Dhaka” where 2 tribes mainly, with many sub-tribes live in such a way that no where else in the world happened. All the resources are available at one end of this area it’s distributed in such a way, that each tribe for 7 years exactly take the full benefit of all the resources available. After the 7th year they leave everything the way it is which includes clothes, utensils, houses etc to the next and takes his place on the other side.

Another interesting fact, if the number of children is less than 10 – 12, than the person will be treated as unfortunate.

It’s a very remote part of Pakistan, and it’s not accessible to the general public either. It’s quite lawless, they have their own rules and regulations by which they govern themselves.

Do share with me, what you learn today? I will be looking forward hearing from you.


2 Replies to “What I learn today – May 05, 2017”

    1. Same here as well. I know about lesson 2, but I thought, it was in old times. But my friend confirm, this practice in Uganda and many remote African part is still going.

      Similarly about Lesson 3, I know this place exist, but didn’t know this practice of them. No where in the world it happened.

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