What I learn today – May 04, 2017

I am having some real tough times at office, understanding a whole new area by myself however, the expectation is that it’s like a turn key project, where someone will come and immediately start. 

Had a tough tough tough day yesterday, A day I just wanted to pass asap. So today’s lesson for me is: 

When in doubt raise your standard

So tell me what you learn yesterday?


42 Replies to “What I learn today – May 04, 2017”

  1. Sorry about your tough day. Glad you are moving forward and still climbing! I learned yesterday that I’m never alone through this journey of life. There is always someone to help me push forward. I hope today is better!

    1. That’s the spirit, we are never alone in any journey. After I put up this, I had a tough meeting, the IT consultant supported my action in front of my boss. They instead hammered my boss, that what you guys are expecting is totally irrational.

      So we always move forward, the only issue, we got cloaked with doubt, negativity, fear, anger, loss of sight, farsightedness and chiefly started to doubt ourselves as a human being.

      Once this clouds of darkness removes, we are able to see much brighter sunny picture.

      1. I’m so glad your actions were supported! How rewarding! I agree with you on the negativity, fear, doubt, etc. I try my hardest to change my mood before it spirals down even worse. You are right! Look forward to the sunny picture. ☀️​Have a wonderful weekend!

        1. Sorry for the late reply, I was travelling.

          One of my and wife friend advice us, that when you are waking your daughter, always have a smile on your face, you will realise that your day will be so good. If your children are happy that will make your day good as well.

          I don’t know but I can say you might do it, if not, than try smile as if you are all happy with heart and soul and wake your kids. Your whole day will be full of happiness.

          The trickle down effect is normal, what I did, I just put my own principles of work in front of my desk plus this ladder picture. So when I start my work or when I am hung up in something. I just stare it for a while. Believe me or not, it gives me the motivation to start.

          You just need to do one thing, which is why you started it in the first place any project. This picture will remind you whenever you are short of it.

          After you finish this reading. Go to the picture of the ladder of success, which I usually post on my Objective post and if possible. Hang it on your fridge. I am sure, you won’t regret.

    2. Just do one day at a time 🙂

      Of course, I regard women a lot in such situations, they keep the house going plus the issue. So it’s double duty!

      So kudos to all of you courageous ladies out there!

    1. Yes, that’s the objective of this post. In my very first post in this series, I mentioned that one of my teacher said to me, he asked himself what he learns everyday.

      That same philosophy is behind this post, we all learn something, but in fast track world of today, we don’t pay attention what we learn each day.

      I am glad you appreciate the effort, So what you learn yesterday or today?

      Thank you so much for the award, it’s a big honor, i will definitely look into it. This weekend and reply back.

      1. Yes you are right! Every day seems to be same but when we flash back all the days ,they look completely different. And then we realise that actually each day has given us a new experience, a new opportunity to learn something.
        Well yesterday I realised that I am seriously to much addicted to my phone and from today onwards I am going to give some rest to my phone!
        Thank you and its optional to accept the award! But if you are going to accept it then it will be a big honor!

        1. Yes, I have started to implement this practice quite since last week. If you went through my Objective of the day – April 30th post. One of the objective is to make a schedule of the consumption of mobile usage.

          I have to scratch my time, to see it.

          So we need a solution for this addiction. I took out almost all the other SE usage from my end. But now WP is consuming this time.

          Now started to implement some rule to use it as well.

          No I will definitely apply for it. Will do it this weekend, our weekend starts from Friday and Saturday.

            1. I don’t know how much people desires to know about me.

              But with my objective post, it’s pretty much sums up my days.

              Fortunately or unfortunately, present days are eaten up by loads of new office responsibilities. Trying to stabilise myself. So juggling in between everything. Plus coming month our schedule will be quite different due to Holy Month of Ramadan, I don’t know whether you know or not about it, what is Ramadan. So trying to finish loads of stuff at home with wife. Since its usually disconnection of world at our end.

              We want to do loads of meditation in this month.

              1. Ohh so your schedule is quite hectic.Hope you complete your works soon and come out of your busy schedule.
                Well because of you I got to know about Ramadan through Google.This comment seemed to be informative.
                Thank you for exploring yourself here.
                Nice to meet you!

                1. Actually I got last month, one additional person responsibility of Treasury Area in our bank. So it’s sucking a lot of my time and energy.

                  Plus in Ramadan we have to prepare the fasting before sunrise and finish after sunset. Than followed by late night prayers.

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