Objective of the day – May 4, 2017

Wow what a seesaw sort of a day, I scheduled myself to write all the previous objectives and make an update as to my progress. However, I left in the morning before 7am and enter home at 9:30pm

Plus me and wife, decided to go to another city, which is Madina by drive which is around 400+km and than we probably either come back same day or on Saturday. So let’s see. 

I therefore decided to put my two days objectives which are unplanned, and try to finish the remaining when I come back. 

So my objective of the next 2 days are: 

– Spend as much time in meditation as possible in Madina. 

– Try to find some historical Islamic location dated back to 1400+ years old. This city is full of such locations. However, it’s difficult to find and know the full history of it. So wish me luck. 

Take care of yourself, since we have weekend on Friday and Saturday. So hope to catch you all on Saturday. 


21 Replies to “Objective of the day – May 4, 2017”

      1. Not so much. I am methodical, but being free is very important for me. As if I plan too much I get stressed. I pray daily and I pray ask for guidance, and I am Blessed so. And I lead my life accordingly. I achieve quite a bit as I keep myself busy doing so many things. House work reading gardening writing and above all studying psychology which I am getting to learn so much and enjoying 🙂

        1. As long as you are doing an act than only planning than its the best thing.

          We usually have loads of task that we don’t prioritise rather we do haphazardly.

          I have introduced the same approach to my wife, for her house hold chores and other things we decided to do.

          So we see try to organise ourselves. But the crux like you mentioned is to act, which is the main or the 1st thing. What comes 1st 2nd 3rd in the list comes next.

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