Objective of the day – May 3, 2017

I like to first say, I am so happy to start this blog post series, it makes me more focus. For the past 2 days, my focus was to finish the things as much from my list as possible. 

Yesterday after cleaning my working table at home, remove thick inch of dust 😀 and followed up with vaccum of the whole room. I sat down and see where I am with that list. 

Happy to see that I have killed almost big tickets, in the Urgent and Very Important category. 2 main Urgent objectives are remaining. That will be focus of my attention and 1 in Very Important category. Than I can hang my gloves for a while, and focus on Mid and long duration objectives, which requires consistency and perseverance. 

So today objective out of that list is: 


  • Finish the outstanding adjustment  with auditor for the Financial Statements. 
  • Finish the bank open items issues with the IT consultant. 
  • Finish the validation of transactions.
  • Finish the Libor analysis and report to management if possible for the fluctuations. 
  • Attend the Bank Open Item meeting. 


  • Contact with my colleague and his family who is leaving to South Korea.
  • Purchase a box file for the open papers.
  • Make the design for big storage organiser in Living room.
  • If possible finish the next DYI with the support of wife. 
  • Watch the rest of the test match between Pakistan vs WestIndies. 

What’s your objectives of the day? 


9 Replies to “Objective of the day – May 3, 2017”

  1. It certainly helps to have a plan, or at least a “to do” list. I find when I don’t do that, my day gets away from me and before I know it is dinner time and I haven’t accomplished much.


    1. Do read in this regard my post. ” Objective of the day – April 30th” That’s specifically for this purpose, which you have mentioned.

      And thank you so much to coming by at my end. I started this blog in 2010, than in 2011 I stumbled upon blog. You made a comment as well. I can’t able to recall what it was.

      Have read your post coming through emails. But only in March or to be precise this April, I revived my blog, with daily post.

      Hope to see you and Mr. Ken often with the new keyboard 😁😁😁

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