Photo walk in Balad

Thought to show the colors of my life, through another angle. Was at a photowalk with professional photographer from Greece and one lady from England settled in Jeddah. We decided to reach soon after dawn breaks at old city part of Jeddah known as Balad, a UN heritage site.

I did some photo editing with CS 5, I am an amateur in terms of photo editing, so usually goes with my mood, just playing with the tools, and see what looks good for my eyes. Since I take photos for myself. So it’s nothing professional!

Do let me know, how you like it, will look forward ย hearing from you.

DSC_0355 Experiment 2
Was casually walking in the lanes, saw this magnificent wood work.
DSC_0342 Experiment 2
Just when the sun about the come full, perfect place at the perfect time.
DSC_0343 Experiment 1
One of my favorite during my photowalk.
DSC_0346 Experiment 1
So many doors, one can’t seem to have enough of it.
DSC_0358 Experiment 1
Old rustic house
DSC_0332 - Experiment 1 final
Another beautiful door in the same area.
DSC_0564 - Experiment
This place is so crowded during the day.
DSC_0334- Experiment 1 Final
I purposely made this touch look classic. Love my editing in this.

16 Replies to “Photo walk in Balad”

  1. I really love all the pictures. Though, here are some secrets:
    1. If you shoot in manual mode, keep the aperture high, when shooting monuments/interesting textures of design. It renders depth of field. This simply means it gives a certain dept to your subject
    2. In the sixth picture (the lovely blue door), try to frame the whole of it. Without cutting arches or bottom
    3. Keep capturing, you have a knack of clicking great pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The second picture, completely got me! Such a whisper of ruin, yet beautiful!
    Also I love the frame within frame composition ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lovely pictures โค

    1. Since you are a photographer, rate my MISTAKES. I love to listen my mistakes with heart. It was my 1st attempt to see the options of CS.

      Didn’t know much about it, just the basic features.

      Tell me what is wrong and why?

      1. The most wonderful thing about photography and love is that there is no right or wrong. However, should there be any interesting insights, I would love to share them with you. Reviewing the pictures again ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and glad you like the editing. This was the only piece of my photography that got so much editing.

      Usually I add contrast and sharpness to the colors slightly.

      But I guess these pictures were asking me to edit them.

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