What I Learn Today – May 1, 2017 (2 Min Read)

I have observed alot of people going through lean patch of life. 

Please don’t take me wrong, I went twice in my life that I went to extreme depression state. Such that when I come home, all the lights of my house are closed and I just lay down on couch without changing clothes even and will go to office and come back again like this. 

So I personally went to that extreme, what I have done and learnt are below, I thought to share with you, so that if you are depressed and sad. You can come out of this loophole. 

– You are not alone in this situation, many others have face the same situation. 

– If you cannot come of the situation, break it into pieces and understand how you can overcome. Rather than looking the whole situation as one piece. 

– Write your anger, dismay, depression, sadness, whatever you are feeling or wanted to say on a piece of paper. Don’t think or see what you are writing, just write express your frustration as if the other person is standing in front of you and you are talking to him. 

– Try to occupy yourself, with anything, other than playing game or watching TV or Internet. 

– Do something that you normally don’t do. I occasionally cook, when I am stress out, anything that takes your mind off the situation. 

– Sit and speak your heart out to anyone of your close friend or someone you are comfortable with. 

– Pray to God, and tell him your situation, He already knows He wants to hear from you. Ask him suggestion and guidance. 

I hope this will help you. In case, you want to talk I am here to listen and help you! 


5 Replies to “What I Learn Today – May 1, 2017 (2 Min Read)”

  1. What a brilliant post! It’s so true too – you really have to sometimes pick out tiny pieces to tackle when feeling overwhelmed- least helps me feel I’ve done something and it’s always at least a start🙏

    1. I am glad this post help you in anyway.

      I am a certified fast closing specialist, part of the techniques we learn, is to break the things and work out to see what makes the process long and the means to make it short.

  2. I think we should all find that one outlet like cooking, working out, writing just something that channels our anger/depression.

    It is very important to value yourself and understand that You are loved by many even if you don’t know it yet.

    Spread the love and stay Blessed 😇
    xx Storyteller

    1. You are dead accurate, we perceive in such only negative, no one loves me. Their is no one in the world who would understand me. I can’t trust anyone. What’s the use, I am not important, What will people think about me, What if he / she says No etc

      We need to come out, and have Plan B before hand. If a person will say No I will apply this plan. I will look for something else.

      Now people, can share personal information with whom they don’t know. And these people also listen to them and suggest good to them.

      I was lucky to find gems online. Their is always a way out

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