What I learn today – April 30th, 2017 (1 Min Read)

I had a tough time past three days, as to what I should post, in terms of what I learn each day. The past 3 days was empty. 

I was just going to start my day in office, and while I charge up to start my day, this thought kept on buzzing my head. 

So God gave me this insight, thought to share with you all: 

Look around and be greatful of what I got. You got 200+ people follow you, appreciate what you wrote, took their precious time to comment and read, place their opinion / suggestions/ fears. Someone invited you to write a guest post. Your wife accommodates you, in spending time to read different blogs, from time to time. You achieved a lot of objectives you setforth. Your mind is slowly tuning itself to write what you passionate about. 

What else you need to learn, except to learn to be greatful and shower gratitude.

25 Replies to “What I learn today – April 30th, 2017 (1 Min Read)”

    1. I had a wonderful set of people, who encourage me to write. I don’t go following myself, people are kind enough to follow me. So I am so happy, with the few group of people who share lovely post at their end, and we share each other views and opinion.

  1. I believe we should always be cultivating a grateful heart of thanks to our Lord God continually. God has given us and done so much for us. All we need to do is open our eyes to the beauty all around us, thank Him & praise Him. Let us never lose our wonder in the glory of our God. Amen πŸ™
    Thanks for sharing & for the encouragement.
    Hayley 😊

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