Objective of the day – April 30, 2017 (5 Min Read)

I am very happy that alot of readers showed interest relating to my previous post Objective of the day – April 27th till 29th, 2017. Before going into further details, I would request if you haven’t gone through, read the previous post first, in order to exactly know what I am going to further elaborate in this post.

After reading the comments, what I have observed people didn’t fail to put these task in the past, many lost sight of these in the middle altogether. My ex boss used to say:

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail

So I want to congratulate you first, climbing the first step is the most important step. But the question arises what I have to do, in order to achieve it. Please look at the below picture very careful, and ask yourself where are you. This will help you in anything you are planning to do.

Ladder to success and achievement

I have further enhance my previous post into more meaningful and useful guide for the end-user. However, in order to do this, you need to understand some assumptions to grasp this philosophy:

  • These are not Things to Do.
  • These are Objectives to be achieved.

Why I have said, this is not Things to do rather objectives to be achieved. We have inbuilt desire, that we want to be appreciated and praised, it’s natural. We have to do these things anyway. However, if we put a reward behind each objective we will be able to achieve more. The same monotonous task becomes more colorful, target oriented and fruitful.

So irrespective your normal house chores, study plan or office task the below technique, will help you in achieving these objectives in a much more positive manner. Each of these things to do, will be objective with a sense of accomplishment. So our mind will be more inclined to get the reward of achieving the given objective.

Imagine, have you yourself ever felt of having this feeling of achievement or accomplishment, that you have finished your house-chore or clean anything by the end of the day. Even though you are doing it, day in and day out.  You will just had a shy of relief, that things are done. But the next day, it’s still the same. By putting  the task as objectives, you will feel that something is achieved out of many. This is just a technique to play with mind. Since our mind, plays the trick. So why not we tame it to our benefit.

Below are some of the steps you need to do:

Step 1: List down all the objectives (Things to do) in as much detail and specific as possible. For e.g: Cleaning the house / Cleaning the living room is general. Specific will be Cleaning the sofa, vaccum the whole room, remove the dust from tv, rearrange the sofa / table. Clean the covers of the sofa, arrange or organise the magazine / papers, sort the cable hanging out, pick up the toys etc etc.

Step 2: Like I have described in the previous post, divide each task into either one of the 4 categories below:

  • Urgent (U)
  • Very Important (V)
  • Important (I)
  • Others. (O)

Step 3: Further divide each task into 3:

  • Weekend (W)
  • Weekday (WD)
  • Weekend / Weekday (W+WD)

Step 4: Than assign each task into 3 timeline categories, as to when you will able to complete it based on the time available. For e.g: While I am in office, I can’t complete any thing I have, relating to house chores or renovation or reading a book. It can only be done in the Evening. However, if I made an objective, that I will be improving my water intake, than I need to implement it while I am awake, so you will place it in All Day category:

  • Morning
  • Evening
  • All Day (Morning + Evening)

Below is the manner I have done at my end, for the task I have put in my previous list. Note, it needs patience and careful analysis, while placing in the UVIO category mentioned above.

Objective 1

Objective 2

Note: I have used Microsoft Excel, to list first all my objectives, and than use the pivot table, to make a report type format. However, you can do the same on a simple paper or the best will be a white board.

Keep on adding new objective to complete, and similarly you will be able to finish it. You will first find, so many things oops objectives I have to achieve. But trust me, once you start doing it, and see that at the end of the day, you have achieved so much. That sense of relief is the gift that you will give to you every single day of your life, that you did achieve something today rather than nothing.

This doesn’t means that you can achieve everything at the end of the day, what’s important is the sense of reward and achievement at the end of accomplishing your objective.

Please do share your thought, and try to put this into action. I will look forward hearing from you all.

11 Replies to “Objective of the day – April 30, 2017 (5 Min Read)”

  1. I think allotting time for each task is a great idea! The problem arises when something urgent sines up and your whole timetable is thrown into disarray. I think allowing yourself a little margin is important too, except for the stuff which has very specific deadlines perhaps! Good way to organise though, I like it.

    1. That’s the reason one need to allocate the priority according to category. The urgent and very important are top agenda item. We have to allocate time for it. No matter what!

  2. This is a really good method of completing tasks. Once I was asked by one of my teacher to create a time table for my studies, but I had never been able to do so because of regular exams, and different days have different exams, so, yeah. But it is really helpful for doing other important tasks.

  3. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” wow that’s a great quote! Thanks for sharing. Also love the featured image✨ I don’t plan as much as I should (I am starting to) but I did make a to do list the other day and accomplished majority of the tasks I had set. Creating the list motivated me to get more done because it felt so rewarding completing and checking off each task

  4. I write down my objectives for the week, paste it on the fridge door, then I cross out the done stuff, I see the “progress” every time I use the fridge, and feel satisfied when I see a lot of cross-outs.

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