Objective of the day – April 27th till 29th, 2017 (3 Min Read)

(By the end of this post, you will say, I am crazy lol)

Its been somedays, I didn’t able to pull this series as I would have promised. Had stressful days in office, but it’s not an excuse. Although I am happy to post something rather than nothing. So it a + for sure. 

In terms of managing myself, I always find a struggle to keep a check on my list of things to complete. I get involved in various things at the same time. That’s it’s hard to kill one completely before the next. Everything goes side by side. So have to juggle it into my priority list.

I learned it from one of my boss Muhammad  Basheer Jumma, he was a partner in EY, who specialises in time management as well. He said to me, take a paper and divide it into 4. Right down each task into these 4 categories: 

– Urgent

– Very Important 

– Important 

– Others

I have been managing my task accordingly, either on a piece of paper or mentally. But believe me it does wonders, specially for professionals and people like me, who do multitasking at extreme level.

So below are the list of task which I haven’t yet prioritise it, but thought to jolt down first: 

– Send some payment to 3 people.

– Finish all the reconciliation for Quarter closing.

– Finish the Interfund Reconciliation and handover notes to my colleague.

– Contact the relevant people identified about Home Gardening project.  

– Make the list for number of doors and for each room separately with the intended paint. 

– Go to shop with wife and finalise the color for every room.

– Finish the validation of transactions. 

– Create a new email ID for WD

– Clean all emails routing from WD in my personal account. 

– Help wife with purchasing something for home. 

– Make the DYI as promised. 

– Delete the abundance of pictures in the camera and sort out for future post and personal use. 

– Help my daughter in Homework.

– Start book reading.

– Make the routine when is the best time to start the exercise  (Morning/ Afternoon) 

– Finished the Financial Statement for one fund.

– Clean up my desk from Sunday onwards till the end of the following week. 

– Start woodworking project from Saturday if possible. 

– Start following the water intake routine seriously without snoozing, and keep water bottle always with me. 

– Start practicing Speed Reading technique.

– Make the target for the completion of another professional degree till next year. 

– Make a blogging time schedule. 

– Start implementing less mobile usage, specially before the start of Ramadan. 

– Start reading one page of Quran with translation. And finish the Hifz for Surah Yaseen asap. 

– Finalise the vacation destination list with wife. 

– Print this list on the board, and sort out the laptops and network at home. 

– Purchase the equipment / tools for woodworking. 

– Make the drawing for the design and measurement in kitchen, bathrooms, hallway, drawing room, guest room.

– Call to couple of people back home. 

– Pay electricity, phone and credit bill

– Finish the NICOP card registration.

– Do the complete grocery and Eid shopping for the Ramadan.

– Purchase dates for Ramadan. 

91 Replies to “Objective of the day – April 27th till 29th, 2017 (3 Min Read)”

    1. lol yes trying my level best, to deliver my Gift of Nature, which is management, organisational skills and motivational speech to anyone who needs guidance and support.

      Just like your quotes.

  1. This was a fun read.. love your to do list.. With a little bit of everything.. New emails.. Help wife to buy new stuff for home. . DIYs. . Help daughter with homework… read the translations.. prepare for Ramadan!

    .. Bro! I hope you realize you have an absolutely blessed life.. Masha Allah! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

    1. MashaAllah you are also Muslim?

      It’s not To Do list per-say, instead it’s objective of the day, the reason why I said objective, is because I felt we need to do each task as an objective to achieve. If we take it like this, instead of task, we will reward ourselves with a sense of achievement.

      We have to do it anyway, but if we put a reward with each objective, we will be more inclined to complete with determination and positivity.

      A lot is regular stuff if you see. But since I have put an objective to achieve it, I am pushing myself to achieve it, as I will get the sense of relief. That I have achieved something out of this list.

      So that’s the whole philosophy behind it.

      I am glad you like it

      1. Yes I am! 😏✌
        My to do list keeps getting longer but I shall change it to an objective list and work harder.. may the almighty reward you for this post after each of my completed task! ✌

        1. Do read my upcoming post, it will be more beneficial to complete your task.

          The main thing in this, is to categorise it into 4 part:

          Once you done it and assign a reward for achieving it. It will become more fun.

          Yes up and down does come and it will always be the case.

          But the main thing will be to keep striving for reaching your objectives and have that sense of feeling that you did something today. Rather than feeling lithargic and demotivated.

          Pen it down and drill it to as much detail. The more detailed the better it is.

          Like House cleaning is general, drill down approach will. Clean the sofa, vaccum, mopping, sort the magazine, pick the garbage, clear the dust etc.

          Than if you list like this. With a big list and striking them one by one. You will motivate yourself to kill it.

    1. We all lack self discipline, many a things we drop because we take it as a task rather than as an objective.

      It’s just playing with your mind, since we tend to take things for granted or monotonous. So we loss that sense of achievement in doing it.

      That’s why if you observe, I didn’t put my blog post name as Things to do, but objectives to do. I started implementing the same principles with my wife. She is started to feel more content and motivated to achieve things, which is already doing it.

      My next blog is more drilled down approach of these same objectives. It will help you ease as to manage these objectives.

      Last but not the least, thanks for following, I am glad you find something useful to read. Really appreciated.

                    1. Unfortunately I didn’t learn it after spending 10 years over here. My Arab colleagues love to talk in English and clients as well.

                      If I have focused and concentrated I would have learned it.

                    2. I know that, so many people in KSA speak English, they like to talk it specially in business location, due to other other nationalities who work there ” non Arabic people” that’s why !

                    3. πŸ˜‚ΨŒ it is so nice language, the language of Quran! If you know it, it would help you so much in solving many things! ΩƒΩŠΩ Ψ­Ψ§Ω„Ωƒ ؟! You can read this in Arabic letters, it means how are you?! Kaif halak?!

  2. What a list! I should do better at planning and creating a list too. I am going to take a page out of your book and begin my list (at least writing one 😊) today! Thanks for the inspiration my friend!

    1. I will feel so great if you do and share it.

      Doesn’t matter you fail in achieving it. I fail to make one numerous times, fail to achieve what I planned, lost track of things, but I do make a list. And I strike it and add it.

      The objective to make more of your available time, so that you add colors to your life. Which you already are doing with your wonderful journey of the city.

      And seriously I enjoyed it, I can tell to my friend in Houston who have this or that and this is what they offer. πŸ˜€

    2. Make a list of things to do first, than take a small pocket size paper that you can make by yourself. And list that into the 4 categories I defined.

      You will be better focused and efficient.

  3. I actually commented but saw my comment “awaiting moderation”. Happening sometimes lol when I’m commenting from web, not phone. U can find it (my comment) in your dashboard (in – comments-)

    1. Actually there is an option I have placed. When I started blogging in 2010. A guy was like a ghost at my end, on FB over here, email.

      I don’t know what’s wrong with him. After that I placed this, it’s also a good control not to miss any notification. And you can respond accordingly without knowing it

  4. Just see myself in those writings->planning.
    Don’t forget to move some of it further (to the next day/week or month) in case of delay lol or if you had no time to accomplish it yet :))

    1. Actually some of them will take some time. We both don’t push in some task to complete asap.

      I know like paint and renovation goes longer than a month at our end. Because it takes time to finalise it completely and than to complete it.

              1. You can create a notebook for each big project/plan there…and also there’s a search machine there, u can find everything if you forgot where u wrote it…I didn’t use it properly yet. Bcz honestly I think it takes lots of time too lol I’m more old fashioned πŸ™‚ but it can work well bcz it will sync (as I know) between all devices. Plus u can add pics there, set reminder with the date (when should be done) etc etc…

                    1. Okay, I downloaded it, but never used it. I like the Samsung features, since I buy the phone, which I am know have the things I needed. Without going to any other option.

                    1. SNOTES you can use only if you have Samsung plus it’s in Note series of Samsung, no idea whether other version might had it.

                      Have to check online as to which model it supports.

                      But you mentioned you have IPhone.

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