What I learn today – April 26, 2017 (2 min Read)

The lesson for today, is my personal experience: 

Take your life as a boxing ring, with punches of negativity thrown at you by opponent. 

In boxing, you have limited stamina, so with strategy you tuck and duck them. And keep working hard to avoid being getting hit. 

You will get hit, it’s not the issue, it’s to stand up and knock the opponent with your hard work, honest, perseverance, patience, determination, prayers.

To win you need to have the mental  than physical toughness. Your body says enough, your mind says quit. It’s were your hard work, honesty, perseverance, patience, determination and prayers that you work with, before the match come’s into play.

Remember Rocky movie motivational speech, It’s not how hard you get hit, it’s how hard you stand up and fight back. 

God gave you all the skills to fight, the underdog wins, when they have the will. You too have the courage to fight only will is needed, determination comes next. 

48 Replies to “What I learn today – April 26, 2017 (2 min Read)”

    1. Thanks for your comments, yes my this series is like this. I am on a discovery to self discover. So these short lesson does help me and other to remind about things when we needed the most.

  1. I love inspiring posts like these, thank you. Life throws many punches at us. We can get knocked out and give up, or fight back and try to avoid those punches.
    I’ve also nominated you for an award✨ and of course you aren’t obligated to do it.

    1. You are most welcome, normally my area of interest is around these topic. But these days, I am super busy in office. So can’t concentrate much. So just blogging about what I learn and Objective for the day.

  2. Well said, we have to do our best to achieve our best in life, we have to fight until we get our goals. It is not shame, if we fail to have something for the first time, and keep trying and trying and trying over again , and we need to resist and resist and resist until we have it fanally. But it is shame, if we stop with no try. And we can not stand up again for getting whatever we need. Thanks to share this blog, it provides a kind of encouragement to me. Colors of my life!

  3. Great post πŸ‘πŸ½
    Thank you for mentioning Rocky 😊 the movie; it teaches a lot…’it’s not how hard you get hit, but how hard you stand up and fight back ‘ . I saw another good movie of Sylvester Stallone last year; can’t recollect the name; he plays a boxing trainer who has cancer…probably you know which movie I am talking about.

      1. It’s the latest movie of Sylvester Stallone released last year. I saw it at the cinema in London. His counterpart in the movie is a young black American actor named Willis or something like that .
        It’s about a young man who wants to follow the steps of his late father , a boxer . He gets in touch with the best boxing instructor as coach but the man has terminal cancer.
        Must see movie any time all time

  4. Life isn’t always a boxing ring…but it’s stressful time to time it’s right. I think my mum would like your lesson…me? Mmmm, not sure. Maybe 3-5 years ago, but not today.

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