Speechless just short of words for all those who follow. 

I got so much in short time, that I didn’t get the time to reach out you.

So please excuse me for this, and if you like, share your blog post in comment and a short description. And I will go through them. 

76 Replies to “Follow”

            1. I think you have independent website and hosting is done over here.

              Because from the WP, it’s not showing comments. Only like.

              I am using mobile, so when I go to your page, it becomes blank when I comment. It’s the issue when one use mobile for this.

                1. That’s what I have observed. All those having it. Gets the same issue, and I guess lose a lot of followers as a result of it.

                  If you are using computer it’s okay, but with mobile it’s an issue

                    1. You are most welcome, Glad I am of some assistance to you.

                      But do let me know, how it went from your mobile, I want to see if the issue is at my end. Or its a general issue.

            2. I just tried again, went to your website, and try to comment, the jetpack failed when it comes to mobile.

              It’s not the issue with your end, it’s the mobile version which doesn’t support it

                1. I don’t think it will be sorted out like this.

                  You try to do at your end from mobile. Might be the issue is at my end only. Because of settings in mobile, which won’t allow to open jetpack like this.

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