What I learn today – April 24, 2017 (1 Min Read)

I am short of time, my eyes are closing. So today I have learned 2 things: 

– What is prim,  seriously didn’t know what was it lol

– In case, of grocery shopping, usually an app is available in all major cities, which list down all shopping catalogues. The main thing to search, which app gives you a search result based on your selected item from the stores listed. Instead of browsing, from each catalogue. 


7 Replies to “What I learn today – April 24, 2017 (1 Min Read)”

    1. Sorry didn’t get your point?

      Why not to use it, I was sharing my thought with a friend of mine. His wife put all the list of items needed. Than search where is the cheapest from which store.

      He just pick those items from that store. The difference depends can come quite a bit.

      1. Oh that’s different from the app I used. I was only saying the app I downloaded was more of an actual list that you click the box for bread or eggs, etc but I never bothered with it. Yes, I would use what app you are talking about if it is saving money for sure👍

        1. Okay, sorry for misunderstanding, Now it’s clear. Naaa, we are not that sophisticated so far over here, so it’s basically brouchers and than somehow they pick up the stuff from all those brouchers and tell you, what each different store has to offer for the given product or type.

          Like if I put Oil or DAC as a brand. So all will come.

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