What I learn today – April 23, 2017 – 1 Min Read

I haven’t posted it yesterday as to what I learn, instead made a separate post about my ex boss. My learning for yesterday is:

Irrespective of the bad circumstances, believe in your self,  and have integrity to fight what is right. And NEVER NEVER NEVER COMPROMISE ON YOUR PRINCIPLES.

15 Replies to “What I learn today – April 23, 2017 – 1 Min Read”

    1. Integrity is the key part of every life cycle. If you lose it, others lose confidence in you, and that will ultimately impact your self confidence and imagine. Which severely damaged the image and personality

    1. Yes it does gives us trouble by holding it. It creates more issue later on when we leave it altogether. Than the question comes, your basis was different for a particular circumstances and now it’s different.

      So things started to get complicated and one starts to compromise on other things.

      Than things started to get more complicated, so better not to compromise on principles. That’s my experience and it’s really difficult not easy to hold it.

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