Baby Care – 3 Min Read

Wow, did I wrote this. I am amazed by my writing 😀
Baby Care!!! –


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    1. I felt, it need to share with every new parent. Because it happened with us.

      Specially the part, we brought her to home, very excited and happy.

      And since we have a package deal, so my wife was in hospital after C section for 3 days.

      So they are doing everything for her like pamper change.

      We came home, at 8pm I remember my daughter started to cry. And kept on going.

      Than I called my neighbour wife who is also our friend. She came at 1am since we tried everything.

      She asked us what happened. Ultimately she ask did you change her pamper. And we are like O Aaaa hehe hehe. She opened the pamper it was all rashes by that time. And than she used the cream and she went okay afterwards.

      Will never forget that part as well

                1. My wife was watching a clip on fb, a small girl hardly 2.5 years I believe, holding his little bother who was like 2 months or less.

                  She must have saw her mother breast feeding him. So she was doing the same, imagine that.

                  My daughter saw the hunch, that something interesting is going on, she came running to us.

                  Luckily, we saw it, before she peaked. Else it would be a disaster on our hand. 😀 😀 😀 😀

        1. TBH I think, the initial 2.5 years are messy in terms of you don’t know what’s next. But later on, you will get to know what’s next.

          Fortunately, help comes in a great website, which seriously is like an encyclopedia of this area.

          I will touch into it.

          So thanks for your advice, in shaping up another post in this regard. As what my reader would love to know, makes life easy 🙂

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