An Emotional Day – 5 Minute Read

I joined my present organisation about 8 years back. I was working in one of the Big 3 audit firm of the world. I was lost in life, depressed demotivated and wanted to change my life. 

I went to one of my client for audit, met a guy casually who was working in IT dept, we met the following day for lunch. And before we know, we both want a change and live our life, since we got a lot more to offer. 

He was programming specialist and I am finance and accounts guru. So initially we made an ERP soft ware.  Than my friend decided to do business, I without hesitation said yes, but unfortunately at that time I was broke, was not married. So I wanted to gamble. 

Big story short, I got offer while we are doing the setup of the business, from one of the biggest multilateral bank. It’s something that no one usually decline to offer. The reputation and everything is something only insane will decline. 

The interview process was one hell of an interview, the last leg of it, took 1.5 hrs of grinding by the VP and the director itself. 

I somehow got the offer letter, than afterwards I went into discussion with my close aides as to what to do. Personally, I love to establish the business I dearly wanted than it was this offer that people look forward to it. 

I took the bold step and declined it, many people said I am foolish. But I had something in my heart to follow my dreams, although I don’t have enough money to eat. 

This organisation happened to be my client in the audit firm. I went back to serve them, The director called me in and asked the reason, I explained to him. He got some amazing convincing powers and gave me a 2nd offer and time to decide. 

This time, I asked my family and close ones what to do, it was one of the most difficult decision I have to endure in my life. 

I took the difficult decision, the organisation that I was going to work had loads of issues, control issue and documentation issue the list goes on. Whatever, you touch have issues. 

In all of this, one man was determined to change everything, and ready to take the bull by its horn, fighting to make things work, fighting for principles and integrity, fighting for what is right. He worked hard to bring the right people, so that an esteemed organisation like this can rely on its figures to make good decision for the betterment of the society and community. 

I saw in him, the power of believe, commitment towards excellence, reselience, perseverance, integrity, hardwork and most of all stand for the truth. 

Recently, he decided to take early retirement, and today it was farewell for him from our dept. I went after the function to wish him goodbye and fairwell. 

I said to him, I am speechless, I can’t utter a word, I am lost of words. His reply was also speechless. His eyes were telling it wasnt easy to leave. 

It’s one of the most emotional days of my life. Earlier in the day, one of my very close friend, message me to pray for him, his name is listed in the downsizing. I felt down, although it’s been a crazy day for me at work, where I can’t able to talk to my wife properly. I called her and my daughter wanted to talk and I was so lost that, I didn’t know what they are talking I was Yes, hmm okay, will see. 

I wish both of them the best of all. It’s days like this, which sometimes one can’t control in life. Tell me what you do, in such circumstances? 

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