What I learned today – April 22, 2017 (Less than 1 minute read)

A very interesting and horrific fact: 

In 17 countries of the world, mainly Central Asia and Russia. The would be brides are kidnapped by the groom and often by his friends and family members and in some cases clerics are also involved. 

On the bride head a white scrap is wrapped as a symbol of marriage. And if she runs she is disgraced. Many such women committed suicide.  


18 Replies to “What I learned today – April 22, 2017 (Less than 1 minute read)”

            1. They know it, but they still do it as part of traditions, which runs from generation after generation.

              I think it’s won’t be treated so softly, if a man says he won’t be doing it, which families does it.

              I am sure many won’t do it, but their daughters are real danger.

              My question is how one knows, someone is married or engaged?

    1. I was talking with my colleague from Uzbekistan, he said in Kyrgyzstan they have made a law about it.

      Since this whole land used to be nomads, so they still follow this old tradition from medivial times

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