Blank – 1 Minute Read

My mind is empty:

We have degrees and knowledge but no education. 
We have time that has been same, since the earth started, yet we often complain lack of time.

We have plenty of food, choices, varieties, information about food unlike before. Yet we have abundance of illness and hunger.

We have all, that once are luxuries of life and now it become necessity, yet the basic necessities of life are still luxury.

We have pile of money, that our forefathers never dream to earn, yet we are waiting for month end salary to come early.

We have abundance of natural resources, yet we have shortage of basic commodity. 

We have abundance of love in our heart, yet we are short of compassion to give. 

We have people to talk to in person, yet we want to talk online. Our lips sealed and hand started to talk. 

We wanted to do so much in life, yet we want permission from someone to do it. 


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