What I learn today – April 20, 2017

First I forgot to write this post, I just remember I have to write.

So I have been thinking, what I learn today, trying to scratch my memory. Seriously, I thought I haven’t learned anything yesterday. But than I was able to recall what I learned yesterday.

If you use computer monitor and laptop, (I don’t know whether all monitors have these features or not, so do check and let me know) than you can use both the screen at the same time. 

You can put one window on laptop of website you are visiting and on the 2nd something else. 

However, I use to change this setting by going to setting and than do it.  

The learning part is, their is a short cut key for it. The window icon + P it will the option. 

In case you dont know what to do. I use extended option. It will ask your main screen will be built in + desktop or desktop + built-in. If you take the 1st one, your laptop is your main screen and monitor is your secondary screen. 

Similarly you have clone feature, which will be both going to be same screen.

I hope you also have learn something, please do share your thoughts. And thanks to everyone who commented and shared what they learned and also you might have learn something new by liking it. 


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