Objective of the day – April 20th, 2017

Wow what a day it has been for me. Had been knee stuck in work. People talking behind my back to my boss, Bhoo!!! Whereas, I am stuck up in pile of work, so sooner or later as always, my boss expectation’s will be different lol. I always proved him wrong, and he has weird explanation to justify his judgement. 

Anyway, enough of rant. We have Friday and Saturday as weekend, in case you don’t know about Saudi Arabia. So the objective for the weekend starting from today till Saturday evening will be: 

– Sort out from all my previous blog what are the remaining objectives, I haven’t achieved so far. 

– Make the new DYI, which is really awesome and so so so so simple. 

– Spend time with family, for sure, but have to do something different. 

– Find a very big box, for the next DYI project. 

– Plan how to manage the blog, work and personal stuff. 

– Try to figure out, how to make Dovetail joint. If anyone know, please help me, I am confused in a small thing. 

– Clean up as much as possible, my computer data. 

– Start reading my leftover books, from start I believed. 

– Fix the car related stuff. 


18 Replies to “Objective of the day – April 20th, 2017”

    1. Great mind think alike. It’s really such an amazing picture, whenever I am lost in anything I am supposed to do and I can’t. I just look at this picture.

      That’s why I used this picture for almost all the objective post.

    1. Reading, watching videos for woodworking is very much “you time”

      Seriously, I never thought woodworking is fun and difficult. Very interesting set of skills.

      Looks like hard labor from the face of it, but it’s a lot of calculation and precision.

            1. I enjoyed it, with breaks. It’s looks like a big and full time job.

              You need to love what you do. Whether you are doing house chores or cooking or reading.

              For me, school days were boring. Unless, I find something to do.

              1. Of coz we need to love what we do 🙂 otherwise no meaning in doing it 🙂
                School is always a bit boring, bcz lots of lessons and knowledge you’ll never use in the real life..
                Anyway, all ppl r diff 🙂 some like vacation some – don’t haha
                Vacation doesn’t mean sit & look outside tho.. u can still do lots of things :))

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