Objectives of the day – April 19, 2017

Its will super busy days coming up. I have a new role, that everyone is counting upon me, since everyone is depending on it. With practically no proper handover, which I don’t like TBH. But the positive part is the amount of learning I have to put in. 

So today’s objective is simple: 

– List down things and make a plan to kill it. 

– Help my wife a lot more at home 🙂

13 Replies to “Objectives of the day – April 19, 2017”

  1. Please help your wife much more…

    Most men don’t feel they should and have this mentality that something’s are just women duties..

    So pleased 😁.. give her a helping hand 🤚

    1. Hehe, Actually we are doing homeschooling at the time being for our daughter. So i told my wife to give the 1st half to her, without any other house chores.

      When I come back from office, I takeover my daughter and than she starts doing the house chores.

      So yesterday, I observed she was totally exhausted, I felt bad, so today thought to give a little bit more hand with cleanup and other things, while my little can do the homework by herself.

      So it’s basically juggling two thing.

        1. Yes I have very busy lately, due to annual closing, change of management and other things in office. It’s been tough last 2 years for me, specifically in the last 6 months.

          I was almost practically going to office at 6am and than coming back at around 6 or 7pm.

          I had my supper or sometimes, I get so tired, that I slept on bed when I come back from office.

          So last night, when I saw her. I said it, I need to push myself more, to help whatever I can to ease her workload.

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