What I learn today – April 18, 2017

I have the pleasure to be taught from our computer class teacher Mr. Zahir Quettawalla while I was pursusing my Chartered Accountancy back in 1997. 

I remember one afternoon after class we were casually sitting and he said, I love to learn something new from anyone everyday. 

While coming today to office, that point came up again for some odd reason and I thought I should write a regular series of post about it. 

So I will be writing whatever, I felt I have learned something which I was not aware off before. 

Today’s lesson as to what I learn: 

If you are an impulsive buyer than you should calculate how many hours of work you have to do in order to purchase that particular thing. 
Unfortunately, I forgot the source of the blog. So credit to that writer for sharing this amazing idea. 

40 Replies to “What I learn today – April 18, 2017”

      1. Me too. I’m struggling sometimes bcz I know I probably don’t need it and won’t use it often. I’m buying 50% less than before tho.
        Mmm, it’s very diff to say “no” to the books ๐Ÿ“š sometimes:))

        1. I read somewhere the way one react to the negativity makes 90% of the difference.

          I am facing the same at my end in office, I am trying to be as positive and making it as less argumentative with everyone jumping on me.

          So let’s see how it goes

  1. A great idea which will enhance your skill in the process of conveying it. Like you said, we improve if driven to learn.

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