Objectives of the day – April 18, 2017

Good to start the routine fresh in the morning, with all catching up where I left earlier. 

Why driving on my way to office, I was recalling some of the comments I have made at various blogs and summarizing it, as to how I can manage myself much better. So thought to pin it down and work around it. 

So below are the thoughts that was running in my mind: 

– Start a new post series, “What I learn today”.

– Read Quran verse on a much regular and consistent basis with translation. 

– Read one page or chapter of a book. 

– Do exercise for 15 – 25 minutes. 

– Start organizing my things at home and office which I have pilled up, and make my home and office look more appealing. 

– Do whole house renovation where it needed. 

– Complete the official papers to start the 2nd and 3rd stream of income, and study the 3rd stream in detail. 

P.S: The today’s featured image was taken from mobile camera yesterday while coming to office. A beautiful day to start with!


11 Replies to “Objectives of the day – April 18, 2017”

    1. I try to do at least 2 to 3 each day. These were my random thoughts that I jolt down to get it done. Before I forgot. Like the 2nd and 3rd stream is an ongoing basis. Which needs months to complete it fully.

                1. Great excellent, that’s more like it.

                  You do it more actively and consistently or occasionally up and down for the general one.

                  Plus you pen it down?

                  And thanks for your input. Really appreciated.

                  1. I pen it down 🙂 usually in working room and also on first flooor to remember lol
                    I do it in the evening (sometimes I take a planning sheet from the first floor with me in bed) before sleep or in the morning (in working room)

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