Hi all, 

I was missing in action, have been quite sick lately, due to the sandstorm. But now feeling much better and pumped up. 

Got a good little break, and enjoyed time as well. And learn to observe life and understand the complexities of it. Glad my wife helped me in coping things where I am lacking and pointing out things while correcting me with patience.

I hope, pray and wish that you all are having a good time with your loved one. I also wish that if you or your loved one facing any issue will deal with it through grace, patience, courage and strong will.

Last thing, I am always for look out to learn something, anything theoretical or general but we should observe what goes around us.  Keep the mobile on the side, and just observe for 5 to 10 minutes nothing more. 

You will see a lot,  might not be initially but slowly and gradually you will see people life, without they telling you. I learned a lot through it. I can tell a lot now about a person just by looking in someone eyes what they are saying or going through. 

Everyone has a story, the important part is to be in that story and make a strong character in it, to make that story ever lasting for others to read and follow that character. 

Love you all for liking, comments and follow my blog. Really appreciated it. 


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