Objectives for the day – April 11, 2017

Update on yesterday objectives: 

1) Took my daughter to clinic, she is diagnosed with viral infection with high fever. 

2 and 3) My daughter didn’t left me alone, and was cranky. So spend time with her. 

Today’s Objective: 

1) Validate all the treasury transactions.

2) Income accrual for the funds.

3) Check and clear the transactions in the clearing account.

4) Give details to operations officer for one transaction.

5) Complete outstanding FS items.

6) Attend daily booking meeting.

7) Finish all trade transactions.

8) Measure the size for storage organiser at home. And check the inventory required from it.

9) Bring the laundry.


13 Replies to “Objectives for the day – April 11, 2017”

    1. Thank Gilian, I was just remembering you, I went to your blog through computer. Can’t able to make comment, than went to your website, same result.

      There is an issue might be at your end, thought to tell you so that you can look into it.

      Thank you so much for your invitation. I will look into it now.

      1. The heart below the date is the comment or the number of comments. If you click the title of the post, you’ll scroll down and see at the bottom part the ‘share your thoughts’ box for the comment. Tell me if this part does not appear. 🙂 I’d greatly appreciate it. 🙂

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