Objectives for the day – April 10, 2017

First of all I like to thank you all who liked, commented and followed my blog recently. It’s gives me new energy and motivation to keep writing, irrespective of abundance of blogging mistakes.

Today, I am changing slight bit of format, I will start what I haven’t achieved from yesterday objective + why and than followed up with for the today’s objective. 

Yesterday Objectives: 

1) Complete one remaining office task – Haven’t able to do it, got tied up in a training and trying to kill the normal pending work. 

2) Purchase some cool shoes for my daughter – Yes, happy to have very awesome set of it. Along with wife and accessories for her. 

3) Organise something at home – Couldn’t able to do.

4) Do exercise – Been lazy.

Objectives for today: 

1) Take my daughter to her doctor, she is having high fever.

2) Plan the things for the coming 2 months. 

3) Do Budget planning for upcoming vacation plus other things. 


9 Replies to “Objectives for the day – April 10, 2017”

  1. Thank you loads for visiting my blog and appreciating my posts.
    Just when I was thinking that I would stop posting poems,
    (I was in front of the stove, roasting massala to make a chicken curry)
    My iPhone signaled
    ‘Ding Ding’
    It was you liking my posts😀
    So I posted one more 😎
    Thank you once more
    Happy blogging 👌

    1. Hahaha, see never lose hope, Did you know I started this blog around 2010 I believe. But due to lack of activity and determination with passion to write. I stopped writing.

      Now suddenly, I get the new energy, to write. Just keep on going. Whether it’s chicken Karhai masala recipe, or it’s pictures, or something else.

      Keep going forward, whether you crawl, walk, brisk walk, run or sprint.

      P.S: How you are putting emoticons, in the end. I know only few of them.

      This reminds me, put a post on emoticons, for blogger like us to know 🙂

      1. I started my blog about the same time but was always busy doing other things- Facebook, Twitter et al; it’s only recently that I started to post again on my blog.
        I get the emoticons from my Iphone or Ipad; not here…I am now replying from my hp and here, I don’t have emoticons.

        1. Okay, good tip, I would say, I use my phone majority of the time. Haven’t figured that these options do exit on my cell. Just was concentrating on writing 😀

          Facebook was very much addictive, but lately for me, it isn’t. Now I am using only for learning point of view.

          Initially Facebook, was more people oriented like Orkut. Now it’s more going towards commercial side.

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