Objectives of the day – April 09, 2017

Today, I am totally blank, as to what should be my target of things to be achieved. I have been thinking since morning, but nothing buzzing my head. I guess I am still sleeping 🙂

So today’s objective of achievement will be: 

1) Complete one outstanding task in my office thing’s to do list. 

2) Purchase some cool shoes for my kid. 

3) Organise things at home. 

4) Do exercise for core, lunges, squats, pushup. 

What’s your objective of the day? 

2 Replies to “Objectives of the day – April 09, 2017”

    1. Excellent, superb, than you are the right person to disturb.

      We are planning to go to UK mainly in August. So you can guide from your post.

      You are absolutely right, you need vacation after getting vacation.

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