Lack of commitment 

I promised on my recent post that one of the series of my post, I will update daily. 

For the past 3 days, I couldn’t able to post anything. Thursday was a disaster/nuke bomb day for me, I entered office at 7 that since its the last day of the week which is usually quite I will have a breather, but at 6:55am I had an email in my inbox we have to submit some details for a new Sukuk/Bond for which I have recently got assigned. After that, I didn’t know where the whole day went. 

Came home, wife was ready to go for shopping, and finally I got to see the bed at around 11pm.

Friday, had a cricket match so left home at 6:30am came back home and than off we went to another city returned back at around 9pm. I went straight to bed at around 9:30 without having diner.

Saturday, the whole day was sleeping day. I woke up usually very early between 4:30 – 6:00 am. That day I woke up at 4:23am, and than slept again at 5am than woke up 10:30 than again slept at around 1:pm than woke up at 5:00pm than slept again at 10:30pm

I wanted to write something, but I guess my objective of these days was, take where the Nature takes you.

What you are upto? How you take such days when you encounter it. 

Give me your thought, your style of dealing with it. 


6 Replies to “Lack of commitment ”

    1. Well I try to be more regular, so beating the bush is the way for the time, till it becomes a habit. Which I am trying to make.

      And these days, I am enjoying reading post and getting organise.

      One of the skills I am developing.

      Thank you for your concern. Hope to see you more often.

      Plus love to learn from your art work.

          1. I’m in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and I try to surf most days! I’m not a GOOD surfer, so I bump up my “surf cred” by doing surf crafts since I have minimal talent 😂😂😂

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