Objectives for the day – April 5, 2017

Continuation from my yesterday post, so here are my today’s objectives:

1) Fill the form for laptop purchase and submission of it tomorrow.

2) Write the blog which I promised to post about my weekend trip to another city showing renewable things.

3) Put up that blind in my room

4) Do some exercise – Lunges, Squats, Pushup and Plank

5) Complete 2 pending items asap relating to office work.

If you are reading, please share what are your objectives of the day before you start your day.

So here it goes my start of the day!

P.S: I will update, as what I have achieved and haven’t and why.

What I have achieved for the day: 

1) Filled the form, and now got the laptop, which was around 2,000 USD for only USD 160. We have this company policy, that staff can purchase the old laptop that they are using for 3 years.

3) Glad I was able to put the blinds. 

5) I was able to finish one of the task, one is still pending. 

I would like to thank all of you, who liked it, and who commented. 

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