Setting Objectives

I read one blog post of “This tiny blue house”, it was about setting objectives on a daily basis which makes one feel accomplished something on small or big scale rather than doing the same haphazardly.

In the morning, when I woke up, it strikes in my mind to put up. But than I got tangled up into other things, so I completely forgot or didn’t got the time to jolt it down at the start of the day.

So I now decided, to write on a regular and daily basis (hopefully) 3 – 5 daily objectives that I want to achieve at the end of my day. Whether big or small, achievable / possible / practical or not. 

So my planned objectives of the day are:

1) To finish the Disbursements details for FKP and send to the respective officer.

2) To put the blinds in our room which we have bought recently.

3) To give the car for regular maintenance with the car dealer.

4) To start exercise – Lunges, Squats, Planks and Pushup.  

What has been achieved / Not achieved and why, so far, by the mid half of the time I have left in my day: 

Status: Nothing achieved.

1) Was busy whole day preparing for another meeting outcomes.

2) Could be possible when I go back home from office and from shopping with wife.

3) Left late from home, so can’t able to drop the car and reach back office on time. 

4) Could have achieved, been lazy and wasted some of the time in the morning to do it. 

Conclusion: Although haven’t achieved anything, but I felt the urge to do it rather than leaving it for later.

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