I was observing, we are all birds once, how and when?

Well, when we are kids, we go where we want, we do what we want, we eat what we want, we sleep when we want, even when people hush us away we still do it. We were free spirits than!

Free spirit
Fly like a bird

We love to see the freedom of the birds and kids, but we don’t want to revive like them what we ourselves once was.

Why are we afraid, what people will think, what if someone ask why you are here and what you are doing here, why don’t you do this, you are not good enough.

Why are we hiding!

Just be what we have to be, chances are we still look and appear the same, except we change how we perceive ourselves much better as compared to what and how people perceive about us.

P.S: The above photos are taken by me!


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