Yanbu Flower Show

Yanbu Flower Festival in Saudi Arabia has been happening for the past 11 years but due to some reasons it was organised on a regular basis. From the past 4 years, it’s been regularly held with every year something new for visitors.

I visited around 3 years back and recently as well. The below are some of the pictures taken during my trip. It hold the honor to host the largest number of flower exhibited in the Guinness Book of World Record as well.

About Yanbu, it’s basically an industrial city, which is around 325km from Jeddah. It’s very organised, having a beautiful seashore, with beautiful garden. So if you haven’t been to Yanbu residing in KSA. This is a must visit place. A small city not big, but very well since organised and well maintained unlike others.

Since it’s an industrial city, a lot of businessmen come for the trading and so it hold share bit of hotels and motel. You can easily find, loads of hotel of different price range.

Also I have heard, during summer it host campers from across KSA.

I hope you enjoy the below pictures.


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    1. Yes indeed it was beautiful, Will be doing one more post relating to recycling material. The way they put up is amazing. I didn’t properly snapped it so most likely will take a 300+ km trip to have it.

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