Things to look for!!!

It’s tough these days to stay afloat to what one wants to achieve or do. Things keep us at bay by one hurdle to next. But now I am getting firmer day by day on one believe, as long as one keeps on doing it, irrespective one reads a page of book once a week or month. The important thing not to leave it.

Far better if instead of reading once a week, we read two lines of a book in a day. We must keep on doing it.

I have been keep chasing my dreams and passion similarly. I love motivation and self development stuff since day 1. So thought to share something for those who are into it.

Below I am jolting down couple of things that I have been going along, thought those who might be interested should look at it, if you already deals with some of these below mentioned things, do share your experience with me, if not, spare sometime and go through to these personal preferences of mine in my daily routine. I am sure you will love it.

So here are the list of things I have been taking with me, in-spite of all my laziness:

  1. Install TuneIn Radio app, an excellent app I would say to keep it glued in case you want to self indulge yourself.
  2. Follow Tim Ferriss show, book, blog, podcast. I would specifically advice to download podcast app, that helps you download all the podcast of him. He talks to famous personality and breaks their routine, habits, likes and dislikes. Have been actively following him for sometime, and I must say, he is the first one, who kept me glued with his podcast. One has to be very attentive while listening to all his podcast. It’s way excellent.
  3. I recently came across an excellent website for those who wants to learn programming. It’s so simple and easy to use, that I am in love with it. There is 800 hours of teaching material in it. It’s so simple and amazing that you will be indulged into it. The name of the website is
  4. Those of my Muslim friends / readers who want to do Zikr, there is a great app by the name of tasbeeh counter by AwardSofts, it’s amazing simple and easy to use and track and follow up on your progress.

I will look forward to your comments, as to how you like my recommendations.

Take care and stay best.


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