Death of a society!!!

It’s sad to see, when the teacher commitment is more than the subject he teaches. There are some professions in the world, that I felt are most honorable than any other thing, one of them is teaching, it’s “THE” profession that makes a society, you can tell a society or a person by the teachers the person has been groomed by. This story has effected me, and it’s painful to read stories like this, irrespective it belongs to whatever country. I personally believe, teachers of any kind should be the highest paid profession in the world, since that what the world go around.

Last year, a delegation from Malaysia came in our office, on an official visit, my colleague who was dealing with them, told me that in Malaysia, the most powerful ministry is the Ministry of Education and not Ministry of Defence like in the rest of the world. Almost or majority of the former Prime Ministers have been the former Education Minister or have some affiliation with this Ministry. This simple knowledge about Malaysia, speaks volumes about the society and how it’s people will be. I am copying below the article that I am referring below.

A teacher in Saudi Arabia has attributed his absence from school to the loss of a match by his favourite football team.

“Honestly, I was psychologically affected by the defeat of my team,” Rami Al Zahrani wrote in the school form to explain why he did not show up for work as school resumed on February 23, following the two-day weekend.

The teacher was obviously an avid fan of the Riyadh-based Al Nasr Club that failed on Friday to win the Crown Prince Cup after losing to its arch-rival Al Hilal, also from the Saudi capital, on penalties.

The teacher pledged to bring “within one week” the required evidence to support his inability to teach on that day, local Arabic daily Al Sharq reported on Wednesday.

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Saudi Teacher excuse for leave of absence

A picture of the school form and the teacher’s explanation was widely distributed via Instagram, the booming photo application.

Saudis are well-known for their love for football and matches, particularly derbies, are often well attended, attracting thousands of fans.

The run-up to the match and the game have received wide coverage in the local print, electronic and broadcasting media.

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