What I learnt today – March 18, 2013!!!

Before!!!Long time ago, my teacher (Zahir Quettawalla) taught me a great lesson, he said that my objective of life is to learn something new, small or big, from his own or from his student anything.

Somehow or the other that has been stuck in my mind since than!!!

Recently, I am following a blog by Nancy Loderick, She posted a blog by the name of “What is your perfect day”.

I replied to her, that my perfect day, “When I learn something new, small or big, or share something good with someone that will benefit the other person”.

Today, I was just thinking, why don’t I start writing my blog post based on this theme. So I was wondering what I learned today?

Have been thinking about it for the past couple of hours about it. Finally I found the answer.

The lesson for today is:

“Never ever, immediately jump to conclusion about anything, unless you know, have gained sufficient evidence, have thorogh knowledge, seek experts advice about the subject matter, discuss in detail with the person effected / involved everything relating to the subject. And than pass on the final conclusion.

I have learnt today’s lesson from two source, how lucky I am isn’t it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lesson Source #1: I went to a meeting today, it got delayed so decided to stay with one of my colleague, who participated in a workshop with me, we met and both become good friends. He is from Bosnia Herzegovena, and was former minister before the war started. He works in Risk Evaluation Dept of our organisation. I was discussing the recent outcome of his visit to one of our organisation project and my future plans in the organisation.

Without going into much detail, we ended the discussion on his note: That listen Shahzad, based on my vast experience, I have observed, that when I was in trouble or get hooked up in some issue or problem in office or generally and I decided to leave it and go somewhere else. It’s this time that you have to show your real patience. This is a critical time, since if you without properly plan or work out for the Plan B, chances are you end up in something you will regret later.

He said, it’s better to be patience, work the things out, see the alternatives, evaluate the risk involved in the Plan B and opt for it.

Lesson Source #2: Someone at my end Person A, runs into an argument which relates to religious interperation difference. The end result of it, Person B ends up in distress about the remarks made by Person A being the subject matter of the incident. The issue is the perfect example of my lesson for today, since it has financial and religious consequences upon Person B.

However, due to I would say hurried up, opinion by Person A, I was resolted to asking a scholar to let us know in detail about the whole affair. Turn out, Person B would not have to bear any financial or religious consequences.

Many of us, even me, sometimes ends up jumping into conclusion. Recently, in office I am facing this issue. So today’s lesson I would say is a big lesson specially for me

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