Alternative Way of Life

Hi All,

It’s been quite some time, I have wrote anything over here!!!

Today, while reading an inspiring article on LinkedIn, I thought to write, inspite of my unusual (though usual) office activities these days. Well I have been busy for two reason:

– I have been blessed with a baby Daughter on 2nd December,

– My boss left the organization, so all things comes on my shoulder.

However, during the normal baby-sitting hours and late office hours, I have been social networking with different colleagues in my office, and coming up some very interesting things. These topics includes:

– Alternative Education Syllabus in the world.

– Alternative Way of life.

– Other source of Income.

– Pursue your desire.

 However lately, I was researching on areas that relates to the word “Applied” or “Alternative”

This bring me to write this blog, since a lot has been happening in the current environment throughout the world with respect to these two words.

I personally of the view, that due to commercialism, industrialization, competition and lack of time, socially people are slowly dividing into two broad categories:

–        Classical School of Thoughts.

–        Fast track generation.

The classical school of thoughts want to run from this rapid fast life track but somehow or the other stuck in this vicious cycle and whenever they came across anything someone breaking this shackle they tend to be more inspired than ever before to leave this track. Which has led to creation of completely new industry known as “Alternative”.

On the other side, those on the Fast Track Generation, are running day and night, on anything the world has to offer. You will never find them content with one thing, when one thing finishes they are in constant search from something else or in the desire to do something else, which led to many of them getting fatigue, frustrated, demoralized and burn-out so quickly. They become old at a much younger age. And their passion and charisma fades with time.

While having discussion with my colleague, I also came to this conclusion that I am from Classical School of Thought, which is very challenging, practical, gives hands on experience, teaches you by yourself, gives you satisfaction that you are doing something on your own. More outward rather than inward approach to life.

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