Test and Trial

Recently I came across an incident relating to someone very close to me, whom I respect alot, and who always is besides me whenever I wanted since I have moved to this foreign land.

The incident relates to family issue, where a father gave everything possible to his children only to get in return nothing else but hatred from his own children when he is old and facing severe health issue.

I couldn’t able to resist, since I got a hunch that something is wrong somewhere! The person is such a reputable person that it makes me take such a huge effort to take this courage to speak to him as to what is the issue!

I am surprised to know his ordeal, it started from a very small thing which no one bothered today to pay attention from a parents point of view.

The issue started when he used to took his daughters to a park, and these girls started talking to a stranger who is a women coming in the same park with her daughters and son.

After a few chit chat they exchanges numbers and they started talking to his daughter on phone.

If someone is reading to this point, no one will complain that their is no issue in it, and no one should raise an alarm that the children are going in a direction or doing something they shouldn’t.

However after a while it turned out that this stranger women propose his son to this girl and make things all fantasize to her, she brainwashed so much that now the girl doesn’t want to hear a single thing from her parents.

Mind you, before the parents knew about this issue, they didn’t had a slightest of idea that this is all being cooked up, where they have all the confidence in their daughter.

From what I have listened to them, I came to this conclusion that as a parent our responsibility is more tougher than ever. Whose company they are in matters everything now. It’s not the internet or mobile that you should watch, it’s the company and the mindset that needs to pay attention.

As a parent we should seek what the mind of our children are getting directed, in school with whom they are playing around and getting involved.

Unfortunately, the more I am listening to the stories of children, the more I am getting worried. With people not emphasizing how media is ruining the minds of the children they usually leave unattended to what they are watching or doing. They will give Play Station and X-Box to them, instead of books to nourish their mind. It’s the age when children are most vulnerable to what they do, they should be playing in real life, rather than in a room, if you as an adult play any game you will find the same rage built up in you. And this rage, anger and frustration creep in kids at much higher rate than in adult.

We as a parent should double and triple check these things, it’s these small things that we discard that end up having big issues later on. As now this girl is refusing to marry and wanted to marry someone who is not even worth it. Just because they have talked softly and shows her the wonder of flashy things in life to her.  The children are like flowers, they need to watched even from air not only from insects or outsiders.

In this fast track unreal world, our children can make the difference and this difference comes in the shape of us, being responsible. We should not make them a money making machine, that they should be engineer, doctors, accountants, stock brokers but they should be such that make a difference in society with their presence. That objective should be in our minds.

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