I was listening to a sermon on one of the Companion of the Last Prophet of Islam Umer Bin Khattab (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) by Anwar Al Awlaki and at the same time working in my office on some pending stuff. When one of my colleague brought a memo to me showing that one of my colleague is going on a training to Hong Kong.

This is not a jealousy infected blog, the reason why I am writing is because me and three of my colleagues have already applied for a training to Dubai couple of months back and have been rejected due to shortage of budget.

I got a little bit disappointed after looking at the memo. So thought to express myself overhere.

While listening to this sermon, the speaker said the great qualities of Umer Bin Khattab (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) is his initiative qualities, He is always initiative in his task, need and desire, it’s this quality in Him that makes Him distinctive above the rest of the Sahaba (May Allah be pleased with them).

So I was considering my situation, what makes me different from my this colleague. And I said to myself yes I do have this weakness. I don’t initiate the things at my end which I should have.

I look at other people who are my mentors or to whom I look up to, and all of them have this same skill which makes them above all. The rest of people around them all work in the same capacity as they are but the people who have this gift or trait of initiative have two great skills in them: one is the power of initiation and the rest courage in their action / decision.

Those who don’t have them, often say that we are into the truff war and we are not the like who show off their skills while the so called person use this to come up, they are right, I think their is a thin line between showing off and taking initiative. Showing off to your boss mainly goes more towards the negative / bad aspect while taking initiative in task and job and other activities goes towards the positive side for the person.

The speaker said in that sermon, that we should be having this trait more in ourselves these days which is getting depleted in the youth.

After this incidence I felt that really I need to work and study to take this skill in my personality. Since if you want to succeed, you got to have this trait specially when you are the head of the family since everyone look after your lead. And where this trait is gone, the family goes out of direction. And all the leaders have this trait in one form or another.

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