My very close friend lost his brother in law a year or so back due to a tragic accident, although I never met him but always heard good things about him, a very rare opinion these days to be heard all over the world.

And it made me think about it, what if I go away from this world, what opinion does people hold for me.

It’s not about seeking praise but it’s more about what influence you left in the people after you gone from this world.

We are all going through tough, mental and stressful time, that the world has ever saw, but few comes out of it, as if everything is normal.

I seek the answer from such people what makes them so wonderful, smiling, happy, content and peaceful.

I don’t have any definite answer for it, but I come up with the following random things coming into my mind:

– Don’t let anyone or anything makes you do what you don’t want initially.

– Ask your heart what it wants.

– Seek God in private and public, openly and secretly.

– Have few friends but such that will give you some new prospective of life.

– Always have one or two real life living mentors that you trust, that you can go and meet, that you can take live example rather reading about dead people that doesn’t fit your life purely because of different culture, time, age or other reason.

– Incline your brain with your heart.

– Make your life goal and reach it not with a deadline but with purpose to achieve it and what it will give you in the end. Write it on a piece of paper and see that page often to remind you about your goal in life.

– Make simple, small wishes and desires but be concrete, achievable, attainable, easy, flexible and most of all enjoyable to achieve it.

– Remember money doesn’t makes you happy.

– Be practical, positively or negatively doesn’t matter, since one cannot change one’s nature so the best thing to do is to be practical.

– Make physical relationships strong and bonded.

– Learn the art of communication with other people.

– Last but not the least, I would like to quote my school teacher, you gave me this advise when I was leaving my high school and entering college life:

“All this world is froth and bubble, two things stands alone: Kindness in others trouble and courage in your own”

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