Children and Married life!

Yesterday my wife told me to put the cufflinks she got from her homeland before she moved with me, when I saw it, it was not the one I prefer to wear. Luckily that day the shirt she took out for me to wear didn’t have the option to put on. So I got saved from belittling her, I told her that I will put on today.

Today, I put it on, since I was getting late to office so I told her to assist me in putting it, she got happy a little bit that I put on.

Since I was in hurry I didn’t pay that much heed into the matter, so I left for office.

Just now it reminded me of it so I had a look at it, and I said to myself, what the worst it has done to me, what I said no in the first case, the purpose of the cufflink is to put together the cuff of the sleeve.

A small thing makes big changes in a family life.

I realized now that when I didn’t like it in the first place I was acting like a child, where parents usually force their children to do things they don’t like, but if we do what our parents like, our parents love us more although they still do love us.

Our relationship is somewhat similar to this relationship.

We just need to be mature and adult in our marriage life and ignore small things.

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