Deactivation and Curiosity Syndrome!!!

I recently decided to deactivate my facebook account yet again.

But this time its different, I try to research about why we become addicted to facebook.

What makes it so tempting that a person after fully burned out and exhausted at one point of time again go through it as if nothing has happened before.

Now I am not a psychologist by profession at all, so please don’t treat my opinion in this regard, I am just a keen observer of things which happened to influence my life. So I research upon it and ask question and seek answer to it.

Since the time of deactivation till writing this blog, my mind has crossed some contrasting logic relating to it. So I thought its better to write a blog about it.

The most striking of logic’s which came across my mind, which answer this question of addiction is “Curiosity”.

Facebook in my books has raised the “CURIOSITY INSTINCTS” in our mind. We tend to seek whats going on in someone life, intentionally or unintentionally. Why more often than not we say or read repeatedly in someone post that facebook is our next real life place or has replaced our practical life. The obvious answer to that is in real life we have this urge a desire to know about the other when we came across, whether good or not, just for the sake of curiosity we need to know, no matter it’s beneficial for us or not. But we need to know.

This instincts has made us take back and forth again and again to it. Facebook has raised this to such a level that we become psychologically handicapped and become addicted to this instincts unintentionally. This addiction is taking it’s toll on anyone from young to old like wild fire. Everyday when we wake up, we need to know who is doing what. Imagine in real life will we be able to do all this at such rapid speed. NO!

It’s this very devilish I would say trait I mean “Curiosity”  in human that needs it, the need arises when it gets the taste of it. Else this remains quite without letting you know it’s hidden agenda.

But like in real life every person agenda in life is different from the other so its usage. Some people use it to kill loads of spare time at their end by playing only game/s and nothing else. While some very few spend it for gaining knowledge religious or otherwise.

But the majority of the users of facebook are still involved in this ‘CURIOSITY SYNDROME” We all didn’t realize this syndrome at all, and many will not agree to my opinion, but yes if we ask this question from ourselves we will say YES.

Facebook addiction is because of this syndrome, and nothing else.

We need to ask this question, is this syndrome bad or good. In my books it’s bad in every sense why?

A very small amount of good exist in this syndrome, which relates to keeping the good welfare of the other in times of trouble and need only. But the majority part of this syndrome is evil in my books. It’s like someone is unintentionally peeping your life of your every move and saying something about it. Your every thought and move is watched and get commented. You are always under spot light. If you say this is not exactly the case, then correct me with my observation.

A person becomes burned out after a while so easily with it, living with the constant intentional or unintentional desires of attention or appreciation, but after this constant addiction level of curiosity, attention and appreciation is out, like heroine addiction it comes back again in us. And we resorted to reactivate our account.  The “Curiosity Syndrome” comes back to us, telling us in it’s own version, to change the way we look at things around.

When yesterday I came to this conclusion, I said to myself, it’s not enough of my time and money to get addicted so passionately with it. Yes I will reactivate my account, not for the sake of attention or appreciation but to spread the good to tell the others what is right and what is wrong.

A context of one Quranic verse is “Amil Bil Maroof Waa Nahe Anil Munkar” rough translation is Give instructions of good and refrain yourself from evil.

I will keep this principle in mind while using my facebook when I reactivate my account. But not until I am able to tame my curiosity syndrome to an extent that it won’t hurt me, pinch me, poke me, effect me in my life and to artificially increase my desire of it. As long as I can able to keep a check and balance of it. I will say it’s better to go ahead use the account, if not then better shut it down. Take the contact number / email of my friends and foe and keep in touch by email once in a while. It’s much better to do something unorthodox which should be orthodox.

In the end I would say kindly place your comment in order to increase my learning curve for this topic. And please feel free to share it. I believe in sharing and not in copyright as long as due credit is given for original thoughts.


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