Social Responsibility

It’s a responsibility on the person while being on any social media sites like facebook, twitter or WordPress that the person gives something meaningful to the others in large, which can make someone day or life happy, peaceful, loving and much more in whatever manner possible.

Today I was looking at my blog it got 6 followers, and I wonder, what should I post on my blog that will make their day better than before or something worth in their life.

It requires some real brain cells to work to think about the subject and it’s ultimate consequences in one and other people life.

I take net life like my practical life, that my self brings something meaningful in someone life whether small or big, whether I get something in return or not. Their should be something meaningful to the other. I hope, wish and pray that I will continue doing it the same I have been doing for years and that people at my end, enjoy learning things which can bring something meaningful in their life in any way.

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