First in Urdu language then in English translation by myself. It’s self explanatory no need to argument as to the present condition  of the  Muslim countries.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi nay Noor-ul-din Zangi kau tamam tarh haalat aur gaddaroon key saare kares-taniyan sunaein. Zangi nay kaha:

“Salahuddin! tumhare umer abhe itne nahe guzre kay chand aik haka-ek kau kabool kar sakoo yeah Islam key badh naseebi hay kay gaddar hamare kaum ka lazmi hissa bun gaah hain aur kaum en say kabhe paak nahe hauge.

Mujhay saaf nazar aaraha hay kay aik waqt aaeh ga, jubh gaddar kaum parh baqaedah haqumat karaein gay, dusman kay kalaf batein karein gay, buland dawaa karein gay, dushman kau kuchal daynay kay naarah lagaein gay magar qaum jaan nahe saaqay gey kay in kay hukmaraan darasal is kay aur is kay deen kay dusman kay saath darpardah doosti kar chukay hain.

Dusman inhe kau dhal aur inhe kau talwar banaaeh gaa aur en kay hatoo kaum kau marwaeh gaa, pareshan na hau salahuddin! hum halaat kau kaboo paalaein gay.



Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi mentioned everything to Noor-ul-din Zangi about the condition of Egypt and the story of traitors and conspirators. Zangi said to him:

“Salahuddin! Your age is not much to grasp one or two more truth, It’s unfortunate that traitors have become an important ingredient and part of the Muslim Ummah / Nation and we can never become pure of them.

I can clearly see that one day will come when traitor will become a ruler of the state, he will speak against the enemy, make big speeches and pretention, will make slogan we will crush the enemy but the Ummah will not able to realize that their leaders in reality has made friendship / courtyard in secrecy with their and with the enemies of Islam.

The enemies themselves will make them shield and weapon against them, and will kill the Ummah in their own hands, don’t worry Salahuddin! We will take control of the matter.


Read from the book “Dastaan Emaan Faroshoon Key” By Altumash Volume 2-3 page 152.


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