HADITH ON PEOPLE WHO FLATTER OTHERS A LOT (zyada mu pe tareefein karna):


Abu Musa Radhi Allah Taalah Anhau / May Allah Subhan Waa Taalah be pleased with Him reported Allah’s Messenger Peace Be Upon Him saw a person lauding another person or praising him too much. Thereupon he said: “You killed him, or you sliced the back of a person”.

[Sahih Muslim, Hadith 7141]


Hadith scholars commenting on this say that if we praise a person on his face a lot, pride and arrogance (ghumandd) can develop inside him which can lead him astray. Therefore the woe “you killed him” ya’ni you praised him so much for no reason because another hadith says:


‘Abd al-Rahman b. Abu Bakra reported on the authority of his father that a person praised another person in the presence of Allah’s Apostle Peace Be Upon Him, whereupon he said: Woe be to thee, you have broken the neck of your friend, you have broken the neck of your friend-he said this twice. If one of you has to praise his friend at all, he should say: I think (him to be) so and Allah knows it well and I do not know the secret of the heart and Allah knows the destined end, and I cannot testify his purity against Allah but (he appears) to be so and so.

[Sahih Muslim, Hadith 7139]

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