Obvious and Dubious!!!

I was talking with my colleague about life in general and how one should lived in the present times, where so much obvious and dubious things goes side by side, I had some perplexed thoughts about couple of things, he shared a lesson from his father to me:


” When you are walking on the sidewalk, and their is water on the road, you should try to pass it quickly, since when a car comes it will not stop, your clothes will get dirty, and their is no alternative route so the only option which is left is to pass that passage quickly”


I am sure their are many things in life which requires us, to move from it at a faster pace then we usually it, it’s better for us. Even though we don’t like to move fast, even though we apparently don’t have any threat but it’s these dubious things which makes the obvious blunt from our eyes.

We need to focus what we want and why we wanted it, everyone in the present world is out to get everything out of us.

The simple formula is to be simple, which I guess these days is as difficult as having a common sense at all.

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