This past week has been an oblique for me, a long of things gone through my mind. I cross through many parallel things running in my mind. From doing my own business, to be a research analyst, to Islamic banker, to be health guru, to be a leader, to become xyz person.

I guess we are living in such a state of time, that things gets past you like air passes around us.

I decided why not start indulging into my good old habit and seek it’s advice for me, which is book reading.

So I start reading a book name “Dastaan Emaan Faroshau Key” meaning “The story of those who sold their faith”

It’s about the biography of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, how he lead Muslims ruled over a large part of the world.

I was amazed to know that the main war he fought at that time was not with the Crusader army but with the spies they send towards the Muslim.

It’s a very thick book, around 6 volume, and yesterday I was indulge in reading it so much that I spend like 7 hours straight reading it non-stop almost.

A very captivating book.

But one thing that kept on taunting me throughout it, our present situation is not more different what was at Sultan Salahuddin time.

Believe me or not, what he has gone, what he said is exactly happening at our time as well.

We Muslims were supposed to tell to the world that Islam is the last religion of Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God, instead we are busy in trying to establish our own name in this world which is temporary, each day and second we strive how to become more famous, established, accomplished and what not. But in the end, we are the one who has put limit to our limitless boundaries.

Islam never ever taught to go after the world, it’s just say some simple things:

– Tell everyone that their is no God except One, and Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him is HIS last Prophet.

– That whatever you do, remember it’s Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God that has given it, not any person or anyone else.

A simple formula to remember and practice.

However, when we look around us, the story is completely oblique, instead of walking in the straight path we are walking, running and sprinting towards what, nothing else but the world.

Our own life is so much complex that we fails to understand it. We have so many rules, regulations, rituals, customs, culture, norms, standards and laws that we make our life completely and utterly in disarray.

It’s so simple formula that follow ONE GOD and it’s teaching, leave everything else. Instead, we are ready to follow 10 million rules from 100 million people in the world, and still after following all that we are not happy.

Our life needs overhauling on a serious basis, this world is cooking up like a pressure cooker, look around us so many people are more in tension and stress than ever before.

Just try to figure out the reason and causes of it, the answer will be one and only one, we all the whole human man-kind has left or kept aside the One Order and has took 100’s of other orders instead, result is in front of us.

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